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Bushmaster M17s

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M17s Rifle
This rifle is in amazing condition, and was purchased by a UK forces person because its the closest thing to an SA 80 he could find. This gun is very rare in the UK, and what we love is it seems to be the best of an AR15 in the Bullpup style.
This rifle takes AR15 magazines
Full rail as pictured
Has attachable handle and iron sight included
Condition is amazing
Shoots perfectly

What more can you ask for.
This fantastic gun come to us by a military personnel who wanted it because it was the closest thing he could find to an SA80. The gun is the best of both worlds in our opinion as we love the steyr AUG and the AR15, this gun is both with AR15 internal design, so reliability is guaranteed.
The firearm is perfectly weighted and a lot easier to regain target acquisition than a lot in its class. The gun takes AR magazines and has the full rail, and what’s not pictured is the handle with iron sights also comes with it. This gun has a massive following in the states and modifications are easily purchased through certain websites.
The gun put simply is in amazing condition.

Type Bullpup straight pull rifle
Place of origin Australia

Production history
Designed 1992
Manufacturer Bushmaster Firearms International
Produced 1992–2005
Weight 8.2 lb (3.7 kg)
Length 30 in (760 mm)
Barrel length 21.5 in (550 mm)
Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Action Gas-operated rotating bolt
Feed system STANAG magazines
Sights Iron sights
The Bushmaster M17S is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle that was manufactured by Bushmaster Firearms International from 1992 until 2005.
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