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Collection, Delivery & Disposal

Firearm Collection, Delivery & Disposal

Dealing with firearms from someone thats passed away

Many diffrent situations arise if a familys life including disposeing of a family or friends firearms when they pass away.
We at Gun N Garage have experience in such matters and can offer the following services in these circumstances.
collection and destruction
collection and storage while you obtain the relavent licence to hold the firearms
collection and sale on your behalf

Free Local Collections
As with the free local deliveries we also offer a pickup service. this could be for many reasons like firearm repair, sending a firearm to another RFD or collecting unwanted firearms from a relative or a firearm found in an attic.

Giving up a Licence

You might find that you have had enough with the shooting sports and wish to give up your firearms. We can do one of the following things for you,

Purchase the firearm
Deactivate the firearms
Destroy the firearms
store and sell the firearms on your behalf
store the firearms for a friend you wish to gift them too
donate the firearms to a local club

Free local delivery to our known customers.
We understand how busy local businesses and its operators can be, so in turn we offer this service to keep everyone on the move. You can call our sales team on 01407 886303 or 07498 330507 and we will do our best to get your items to you that day.

Dangerous or Unwanted Firearms

We can dispose of the firearms for you without issue, and supply paperwork of disposal as per normal.
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