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Firearm Transfers

Firearm Transfers

Transfers RFD to RFD

A Simple exchange of RFD paperwork between the RFDs is sufficient.

Purchasing a firearm and transferring to another RFD
1) You must send your section 1/2 certificate to us.
2) We sign the firearm/shotgun onto your certificate and post it back.
3) You take your certificate to your designated RFD and collect your purchase.

Receiving a transfer from another dealer through us
1) You must send your section 1/2 certificate to the RFD you’re purchasing from.
2) We will receive the purchase from that RFD.
3) You bring your certificate to us, when we see everything is correct you take the purchase with you.
Please ensure the paperwork is done correctly as we do not wish to offend when we can’t complete the process until it is.

To book a transfer please fill in the form to the right, or email with your requirments

Also see the delivery section of the website on the menu to the left.

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