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Remade by GSG, the famous STG 44 assault rifle was developed in 1944 by Hugo Schmeisser. This magnificent rifle was a huge source of influence for many gun designs of the postwar years.

The GSG Schmeisser STG 44 is a full replica of STG 44. The all-metal model has a shoulder support and wooden handles, and many original features.

Product Details:
Removable 25 shot Deco Magazine
Adjustable sliding rear sight
Movable cocking lever
Adjustable safety lever
Openable cartridge ejection port
Movable deduction
Buttstock with original fittings
Made in Germany

Weight: 4,500 g
Length: 946 mm
Barrel length: 414 mm
Sight radius: 435 mm

Scope mount and additional magazines are sold separately.
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