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RFD Firearms Sales

Ordering Section 1 or Section 2 Firearms? Please read the below.

Gun N Garage is a Registered Firearms Dealer. In  accordance to UK law, we are therefore only able to sell section 1 and  section 2 items to persons in possession of the required certificate.
This means that if you purchase a section 1 or section 2 product we have the following options (as dictated by UK law):

COLLECT IN PERSON – You can collect in person in a  ‘face-to-face’ transaction from our shop in Newcastle on production of a  photo ID such as a Passport or Driving License. Please note that the  person who purchases the item must be the person who collects the item  from us. We are required by law to keep a record of the serial number of  all air guns sold and the full details of the purchasing customer.

MAIL ORDER – Please note that we cannot deliver  section 1 or 2 restricted items to your home or works address; but  it can be arranged for them to be delivered to your local Registered  Firearms Dealer for collection (your local dealer may charge a fee for  this). Our postage and packing charge related to this is currently  £35.00.

INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY – At the moment we can not offer international postage of firearms. However, we can post all other accessories.
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