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Rifle Gunsmithing

Gunsmithing Serivces
Rifle Gunsmithing
GNG specializes in all aspects of rifle repair, performance and restoration. We currently perform rifle work for many of the country's top shooters, hunters, collectors and rifle enthusiasts. From performance upgrades for competition shooters & hunters to restoration and repair work on some of today's top brands. We are confident our team can help with any rifle work you may need. Below you will find many different rifle services and jobs GNG offers.
General Rifle Repair / Clean & Inspect
GNG offers general rifle repair and both OEM and aftermarket parts replacement and fitting. Broken Part? Lost spring? GNG stocks thousands of brand name parts both OEM and aftermarket performance upgrade parts.
Rifle Machining (Drilling, Tapping, Threading, Etc.)
GNG offers a wide variety of services related to rifle machining. Barrel threading for suppressors or muzzle breaks, Drilling and tapping for a rail or scope base, or turning down a barrel blank. GNG's full service machine shop is capable of many rifle gunsmithing projects. For work of this nature it is best to give us a call or email with more details about the project you have and we would be happy to assist.
Rifle Trigger Work
A customized trigger system allows for less creep, a more defined trigger squeeze and a lighter trigger pull. All of which will increase accuracy and ease of use. This is a must have for serious shooters, or for newer shooters looking to up their game.
Install Timney Style Aftermarket Rifle Trigger Pack
While a customized trigger can give your rifle that truly custom feel, sometimes you need more than can be offered from modifying a factory trigger. Drop in systems from Timney, Geissele Automatics, Wilson, Apex and other brands are the industry leaders in aftermarket triggers, and their custom triggers can be installed on most of today's rifles as well as older vintage models. We have even fitted a timmney trigger to a Mosin Negant, but in these cases stock's need a lot of work, not all triggers simply drop in.
Install Aftermarket Rifle Trigger Shoe
Trigger shoes can be used for a different feel or touch as well as adding a touch of distance for length of pull reasons. Most trigger shoes are adaptable and come in a wide range of options.
Rifle Reface and Crown Barrel
Barrel Crowning might be one of the best things one can do to improve accuracy. A perfectly crowned rifle barrel diverts gases in an even manor and leaves a clean surface for the bullet to exit from. Typical target Crown at 11 Degree or Hunting at 45 Degree.
Rifle Jeweling
Nothing is quite as classic as a fine rifle with jeweled components. Jeweling or engine turned as some may call it adds a distinct classic and timeless look to both today's rifle and the vintage classics.
Rifle Install Tactical Bolt Knob
Tactical style Bolt Handles give the shooter a much quicker follow up shot with a larger grip area, better ergonomics and ease of location without leaving the scope.
Rifle Barrel Installation (Bolt Action)
Bolt action Rifle Barrel installation. Often starting as a blank or a pre machined contoured barrel ready to thread. On select models GNG can install new barrels. There are endless options and the scope of barrel installation will depend on model, caliber, stock & material. For this service we would ask you to email with details of the type of work you are looking at getting done along with as much information as possible. Caliber, Model, desired barrel, etc.
Rifle Barrel Re-Chambering (Select Models)
Rifle barrel rechambering can be done for a variety of reasons. Caliber changes, chamber or throat problems in barrel etc. Depending on the model some rechambering can be done with the barrel on the receiver and some the barrel must be pulled. Many times rechambering requires a change in barrel length for accuracy as well. Because of this each case is different and a firm quote will be made after more information about your project is gathered. Please give us an email with details of the project and we will determine if this is something we can help with.
Rifle Barrel Inspection (Bore Scope)
Utilizing today's camera technology complete rifle bore inspections can be done to determine the quality of the bore, Land and groove condition, throat erosion, copper fouling, rust and pits, etc. If any issues appear we can also send the image of the issue to you via email. 20 caliber and larger barrels only.
Rifle Perform Chamber Cast
A chamber casting is a great way to find out a caliber of non-marked barrels, throat lengths, military rifles calibers and reloading data to be obtained. GNG uses Cerrosafe to perform chamber castings.
Rifle Cut Extractor Slot in Barrel
On select models GNG can index and cut the extractor slot on models such as the Win M-70 Claw extractor or the Sako style on select Remington rifles. Please send us an email with details of the project and we would be happy to assist.
Rifle Install Sling Eyelet in Stock
Installing the rifle stock sling swivel using the right tools will ensure a perfectly positioned, straight and centered eyelet counter sunk to factory dimensions
(Front & Rear fitting available)
Rifle Moderator Alignment Rod Check
Suppressor alignment is often overlooked, yet remains one of the first steps before the first shot should be sent downrange. Moderator Alignment rods are cylindrically ground to the exact diameter as the bore and will give the best visual to detect bullet path. After the wait and investment of your suppressor having it professionally checked is a must.
Rifle Recoil Pad Installation (Does not include custom length)
No Matter the reason you are adding or replacing a recoil pad, done properly the new pad will fit clean and flush. The stocks heel and toe will meet the new recoil pad with a tight flush finish where the base of the pad's lines are uninterrupted and the pad will look as an extension of the stock. GNG installs hundreds of recoil pads per year both OEM and aftermarket upgraded recoil pads. * Pad & Spacers Sold Separately
Rifle Glass Bedding of Action
As the foundation for accuracy in your rifle, Glass Bedding works by relieving the stress or flex of an action in the stock & minimizes the movement of an action within the stock. This all translates to more consistent shots and better accuracy.
Rifle Free Float Barrel Channel
Free floating the barrel channel can greatly improve accuracy by allowing the barrel to stay concentric with the action without pressure from the stock. Free floating allows the barrel's natural harmonics to take place while firing without obstruction from the stock or other parts.
Rifle Pillar Bedding (Select Models)
Why pillar bedding? Accuracy of course! Pillar bedding works by having alloy pillars embedded into the stock so that the action only rests on the pillars. This creates an extremely sturdy and non-compressible bridge that supports the action and bottom metal as well as keeps the torque on the bottom metal or action screws uniform creating consistency from shot to shot. (Select models)
Rifle Install OEM Replacement Stock
Wood, Synthetic, Fiberglass or other materials. GNG installs both factory OEM replacement stocks as well as aftermarket stocks. Careful fitting of a new wood stock to ensure both recoil force and fit and finish is crucial. Bedding the stock properly also ensures accuracy, performance and the longevity of the stock
Rifle Bore Sighting
Bore Sighting allows you to get on paper quickly without wasting expensive ammunition before getting zeroed in. Whether you are purchasing a new optic, new rifle or just remounting an existing scope. Bore Sighting is a quick and inexpensive way of getting you close to target.
Rifle Scope installation - Includes Bore Sighting
With some of today's optics and long range shooting, proper scope mounting should not go overlooked. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to optics and mounting hardware. As hunters and long range shooters ourselves we understand the value of having the scope mounted as low to the receiver and barrel as possible as well as hardware options, eye relief and MOA. (With Customer Supplied Mount, Rings and Scope)
Rifle Scope Ring Lapping
Scope Ring Lapping can ensure proper surface area contact between the rings and tube of optic as well as prevent damage from a ring pinching and marring the delicate scope tube. Ring Lapping is a must for today's long range shooters and ultra-expensive optics on the market.
Rifle Custom Muzzle Brake installation
Having a professionally installed custom muzzle brake is a must for some of those hard hitting magnum calibers. Today's rifles have gotten lighter and lighter with new composite materials and metals being used. A custom brake can reduce the felt recoil drastically. In some cases the felt recoil of a magnum can be reduced to that of a standard and standard calibers down to short action felt recoil. * Threaded and Brake Contoured to Barrel (re-bluing may be required)
Rifle Bluing
Firearm bluing has been called many things over the years GNG is the premiere location to perform this service.
Rifle Cerakote Finishing
Cerakote is THE industry leader in ceramic based finishes. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.
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