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Shotgun Gunsmithing

Gunsmithing Serivces
Shotgun Gunsmithing
GNG specializes in all aspects of shotgun repair, performance and restoration. We currently perform shotgun work for many of the country's top shooters, collectors and shotgun enthusiasts. From performance upgrades for 3 gunners and water fowlers to restoration and repair work for some of the finest collectable shotguns ever produced. We are confident our team can help with any shotgun work you may need. Below you will find many different shotgun services and jobs GNG offers.
General Shotgun Repair / Clean & Inspect
GNG offers general shotgun repair and both OEM and aftermarket parts replacement and fitting. Broken Part? Lost spring? GNG stocks thousands of brand name parts both OEM and aftermarket performance upgrade parts.
Shotgun VIS (Very Important Shotgun) Package, Semi-Auto Only
Do you have a Shotgun that has been your workhorse waterfowl or clays gun? Over time most semi-autos will get sluggish and will not always run reliably when you need them the most. GNG will help to bring reliability and longevity back to your favorite auto-loader. The VIS is a complete packaged that includes the very best components and service available today. Today's hunters and competition shooters want confidence in the gear they choose. The VIS package will fill this need.
Shotgun Machining (Drilling,Tapping, Etc.)
GNG performs many machine services for shotgun work. From drilling & tapping for scope bases, extruding broken screws and sights, to custom machine work for performance enhancements and competition.
Shotgun Recoil Pad Installation (Does not include custom length)
No Matter the reason you are adding or replacing a recoil pad, done properly the new pad will fit clean and flush. The stocks heel and toe will meet the new recoil pad with a tight flush finish where the base of the pad's lines are uninterrupted and the pad will look as an extension of the stock. GNG installs hundreds of recoil pads per year both OEM and aftermarket upgraded recoil pads from top manufacturers. (Pad & Spacers Sold Separately)
Shotgun Trigger Work - Reduce Pull (Semi and Pump Only)
A customized trigger system allows for less creep, a more defined trigger squeeze and a lighter trigger pull. All of which will increase accuracy and ease of use. This is a must have for serious shooters, or for newer shooters looking to up their game.
Shotgun Center Sight Install (Mid-Rib)
Traditionally installed on Target model shotguns, Center Sights (or Mid-Beads) offer an additional point of reference to align you shotgun before taking your shot. GNG can install a center bead on any barrel with a rib. Offering many different style beads, we are confident we will find the perfect bead to suit your shooting needs.
Shotgun Front Sight Install
GNG installs front sight beads of numerous varieties and styles. Basic metal beads in white, brass or steel, Bradley style beads & illuminated front sights as well from manufactures like Trijicon, HI-Viz and Tru-Glo. We are sure we can find a front shotgun sight that will help.
Shotgun Fixed Choke Opening - 12 & 20 Gauge Only
Before the days of screw in choke tubes most shotguns had a fixed choke. Meaning the choked area of the barrel was swaged down to a "Fixed" dimension. On select models without chrome lined barrels MGNG can open this area up to more open dimension through a honing process. Typically this is done when the fixed choke is tight like a Full choke and is opened to a more open choke like a Modified, Skeet or Improved Cylinder. In some cases but not all the barrel can be remarked to the new choke designation. *12 and 20 gauge only
Shotgun Choke Threading - 12 & 20 Gauge Only
Some shotguns as we all know have fixed chokes which can be very annoying. GNG Gunsmiths have the tools to thread most shotguns. for details please contact GNG *12 and 20 gauge only
Shotgun Drill and Tap Scope Mount Holes (Up to 4 holes)
Not all shotguns leave the factory with the ability to add a scope mount, GNG's gunsmiths have the ability to drill and tap your receiver for the addition of a scope base, allowing for the installation of a reflex sight or scope to your shotgun.
Shotgun Jeweling
Jeweling, or engine turned as some may still call it, adds a classic & elegant look to any fine shotgun. Many shotguns had areas on the firearm that utilized jeweling. The ejectors, barrel lugs, carrier, bolt or water table area of SXS shotguns. Jeweling is mainly done on shotguns that have faded or worn jeweled areas or after re-bluing or polishing in areas that have to be re-applied. Jeweling can be done to most any metal surfaces that it is desired.
Shotgun Hydraulic Barrel Dent Removal (12 & 20 Gauge ONLY)
It is bound to happen. Getting a dent in an expensive (sometimes irreplaceable) shotgun barrel will happen. In many cases this can be fixed with the proper tools and methods. Depending on where the dent or dents are located GNG can usually take them out using a hydraulic dent raiser. In some cases we can also turn down brass plugs to exact bore diameter and with heat push dents out as well. Typically rebluing the barrel is a must after heat is used and dents in areas that have threads for choke tubes can be problematic. Shoot us an email if you are interested in having this performed with details of the problem. We will get right back with you on how we can help.
Shotgun Install Sling Eyelet (Stock or Forearm)
Installing a Shotgun sling swivel using the right tools will ensure a perfectly positioned, straight and centered eyelet counter sunk to factory dimensions.
Shotgun Bluing (Semi-Auto & Pump)
Firearm bluing has been called many things over the years: GNG is the nation's premiere location to perform this service.
Shotgun Bluing (Over/Under & Side by Sides)
Firearm bluing has been called many things over the years: Hot Blue, Black Oxide, Caustic Blue, Salt Blue and more. Regardless of the term you use Midwest Gun Works is the nation's premiere location to perform this service.
Shotgun Cerakote Finishing
Cerakote is THE industry leader in ceramic based finishes. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.
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